Mould Making

How are Molds made?

Molds are generally made from steel or aluminum and are precision-machined to form their specific features.


What Makes a Good Mold?

  • Good design and engineering.
  • High-quality mold material bases and cavities for optimal performance and durability.
  • Manufactured by modern equipment with the capability for precise machining.
  • Accurately crafted with attention to high standards and tight tolerances.

Choose us as your good mold-maker.


When to consider make the molds?

  • Either of the following situation is time to consider us when your products/projects:
  • Quantities need is big;
  • Control the overall cost;
  • Material requirement is special;
  • Tolerance need is precise;
  • Product design is complicated;

What are the types of Molds We are able to offer?

By evaluating and analyzing different product requirements, we can help to advise which types of molds is suitable and economical for its production. There are plastic injection molds, die casting molds, stamping molds, silicone molds and extrusion molds, each of the molds has its material/machine requirements. Learn more by clicking the one you want :