One stop service

Are you still worried about how to make your product comes on the stage with the perfect status that can be launched into market directly? At Ruicheng, we provide one-stop service.

1.Packaging customized service.
You might need a customized sales box or case to catch consumer’s eyes. Just send us your packaging design, we will suggest the best packaging type and size for you.

2.PCB customized service.
For the part requires PCB assembly, we have long-term cooperated PCB suppliers can help you to develop PCB.

3.OTS parts purchase service.
We all know a new product probably includes other Off-the-shelf accessories like metal pins, velcro,fabric material,silicone connectors etc. You don’t need to spend much time and energy,all can be collected and gathering here for the further assembly work.

4.Assembly service.
We have our own assembly subsidiary that achieved ISO9001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 to execute assembly work of your product in strict SOP. So that you don’t need to transfer your product to an assembly company to finish this work.

5.Transport service.
Once everything is ready,we provide transport service to work with our forwarder together to ship the goods to you or the specified address,like to FBA Amazone, shopify, eBey..etc.

Now ! Choose Ruicheng to have nothing worries behind !