About Us

Our Mission:

By specializing product development , Xiamen Ruicheng has a mission:
Together with and for our customers from all over the world to develop innovative, attractive and feasible quality products from its design engineering,developing, manufacturing and assembly, so called one stop service.

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We're a Group of rapid prototype workshop, injection plastic workshop, assembly factory , professional engineers team and passionate sales team on a mission to solve and manufacture various products from prototype, small volumes to big volumes.

Silicone parts

Metal Parts

Rapid Prototype

Plastic injecting

Moulds Manufacturing



Having more than 20 years of experience in supporting customers' component design and its manufacturing. We are focused on providing quality products include rapid prototypes. Injecting plastics, moulds, silicone parts and sheet metal.


Why Choose us ?

One Step Solution Service

by offering world-wide customers the “ONE-STOP” product development solutions from industrial design engineering, rapid prototype,  plastic injection and various metal parts to its final finished products assembly/shipment


By having one 20 years-experienced professional engineer team who have always managed to come up with an alternative and flexible solution to customers’ need.


By passing and following ISO 9001 Quality Management System to control and promise the products shipped out are with good quality.


By having one passionate sales team always have a quick reaction to offer 5 star service from the project development until its after-sales.


By owning a stable supply chain to provide other services like fabric, motors, batteries, PCBAs and others.


By owning more than 20 sets of injection machines with maximum one in 1400T ,12 sets of precision CNC machine with maximum one can fabricate the 1.6meter and establish few automated production lines.


  • ISO 9001
  • Enterprise credit rating
  • Utility model certificate
  • Core pulling mold
  • Adjustable Tennis Ball Pickup
  • Fishing reel for uniform and regular winding
  • Plastic connection structure
  • tennis ball picker
  • crib lift mechanism
  • Occupational health and safety management system certification